Pool Tables

We treat your pool table with the same respect that you give to it.  Let us show you what we can do.


We offer the following services, please call for a quote.

Pool Table Knockdown
Pool Table Set-up
Pool Table Move
Pool Table Restoration

Pool Table Tune-Up  (Includes releveling, tightening of all hardware, vacuuming the underside of all cobwebs and dust, replace spots on table surface)

Replacement of rubber cushions (Has your table lost its bounce? We will come and remove your pool table rails and replace the cushions in our own shop. Includes new feather strips and facings.)

Net pocket repair
All leather net pockets can be repaired or replaced. Let us come and give youa quote to bring your table back to life.

We can install any brand of  cloth you choose, or recommend one for you.  We carry the following:

Velocity Pro
Brunswich Centennial

Please call for a quote.

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Cue Repair

All cue work is done in our facility with the personal care and touch that your cue deserves.  At Sharpshooters we take pride in how your cue looks and feels.  All cues and shafts are re-tipped, cleaned, waxed, and new rubber bumpers are installed. We also can install any tip in any hardness.

We also resize cues if your room is too small for a full-size cue.  And, we can install bridges on any cue you need.

Please call for a quote.

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Family owned and operated.


In 1945, Gordon Myers, my father, returned from the war and got a job at Brunswick located on Commonwealth Ave. in Boston.  There, the art of pool table & cue repair was taught by master craftsmen.  But all good things come to an end and Brunswick left the Boston area for good.  My dad had an opportunity to stay with them in Harrisburg, PA but, in 1963, he decided to to stay and take up the hammer again to start Gordon Billiard Supply located at Hammond St. in Waltham, MA.

Sharpshooters is a continuation of his vision, and his knowledge has been passed down through 3 generations.  Most of the procedures we use are old-school, and proven to provide long lasting play and sound workmanship.  Now, with 2 sons at my side, we carry on the old traditions and many new ones to make your game of billiards the most enjoyable it can be.

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– Sharpshooters


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Please contact us for a quote or with any questions.

Tom Myers

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